A new poll released by FreedomOhio shows that a combined 56% of respondents support the Freedom to Marry and Religious Freedom Amendment.

The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP), tested the full text of the amendment, allowing respondents to evaluate the importance of the amendment’s religious freedom protections.

At a press conference today, FreedomOhio co-founder Ian James said, “We are so excited about the results of this poll.  It confirms what we have been observing: attitudes toward marriage equality are changing, and voters support the right of loving couples to be legally married in Ohio.” 

“This poll is particularly important because it asked participants about the specific language of the amendment that we are hoping to bring to the ballot in 2014.  The results are clear – the more conversations we can have with voters about marriage equality and the specifics of this amendment, the more our support will continue to grow.”

FreedomOhio is working to bring their clear, concise and constitutionally sound 46-word amendment to Ohio voters in 2014.  The amendment will allow same-gender couples to go to a courthouse and receive a marriage license, while also protecting and respecting the rights of houses of worship to choose whether or not to perform and/or recognize those marriages. Previous polling commissioned by the Columbus Dispatch showed that 54% of Ohioans support the Freedom to Marry and Religious Freedom amendment.

For more information and to read the poll, visit: https://freedomohio.com/poll