Simon Fraser, a three-time scholar athlete and star on the 2002 National Championship Ohio State Buckeye football team, announced he supports the Freedom To Marry and Religious Freedom amendment.


“Now is the time to end marriage discrimination in Ohio. Among great American traditions are: equal treatment under the law and religious freedom for all. These principles do not conflict, but exist in harmony. This amendment respects a religion’s right to recognize or not recognize marriages while putting all Ohioans on equal footing. I support the Amendment and ask my fellow Ohioans to do the same,” Fraser said.


Fraser, who played for the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons after being a co-captain at Ohio State, is among more than two dozen current and former professional athletes and political leaders to call for marriage equality, including Minnesota Viking punter Chris Kluwe and former NBA great Charles Barkley.


Ian James, Freedom Ohio co-founder, said support continues to grow for granting each loving couple the right to commit to one another and look out for their family.


“We are grateful to positive role models like Simon Fraser who are standing with us as we charge down the field together toward victory for all loving couples,” James said.